Monday, 25 February 2013

Oddballs MCC Winter Rally

Well, we survived the Oddballs MCC winter rally and despite the inclement weather had a great time :). This is our bike and tent on the Saturday morning! We had decided to take 2 double sleeping bags and put one inside the other. It worked really well except that we didn't want to get out ...
I wore about 5 layers all the time including thermals a fleece jacket and a coat. I may have looked like the Michelin man but I had no intention of feeling cold.

The 2 bands were Devoted to Rock and BC/DC and both put on a great show. Mustn't forget Tonto's rock disco if that is not an oxymoron :)
The whole rally is run by volunteers (all the bike club members chip in), and we raise money for a couple of charities.

The village of Wem is a couple of miles from the site, and we are welcomed by them as the event provides a source of income for the town. The Old Post Office pub generously provided free curry and a free taxi service to and from the site.

This is me with my OH before we did our bit running the Control tent where visitors check in and go to warm up with tea, coffee and soup provided. Our session was from midnight till 4 am and was surprisingly busy. We were glad to see Simon at just before 4, who was doing the next 4 hours.

The next Rally we organise is in September and is always much busier - and a whole lot warmer - I hope :)

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