Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Crochet with dream yarns.

Whenever I complete a craft project I like to use the best materials I can. After all if I am going to spend a lot of time on a project why make something inferior. The time is after all the biggest cost.

As an example, I am making a crocheted jacket style cardigan. It would have been cheap to use a basic acrylic yarn that cost maybe £1 per hundred grammes, or about £8 for the whole project. It will take me about 20 hours altogether to make. At minimum wage that would be £130 worth of time. A total cost of £138. It won't wash well or wear well.

On the other hand, I could use a quality yarn with natural fibres that may cost £8 per hundred grammes or around £64 for the whole project. The total cost is now almost £200 but you have a truly unique item that washes and wears beautifully and will last for years.

In this case I am using a hand painted Alpaca and wool mix from Artesano. It is a dream to work with and the colours are stunning. This isn't the best photo as it was done on my camera phone so it's a bit dark. You get the idea of pools of colour though and great stitch definition.

This sample is treble crochet (English naming) and is completed on a 4.5mm hook.

What are your thoughts when choosing yarns? Cheap and cheerful as the time is not important? The best you can find for that little bit of luxury?