Sunday, 17 April 2016

This is a recent oil painting based on a view from the house where I used to live. I have now opened a shop on Artfinder where there are a number of my paintings for sale from as little as £25.
It would be great if you could pop over and have a look. There are lots of great paintings and photographs on there.
This is the link to my little bit of the site - it would be awesome if you could follow me on there as it all helps get me noticed :-)

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Furthest from the sea

Until a few years ago I lived in Mid Wales. It's a great place to bring up a family, quiet, peaceful, beautiful. As a family we enjoyed regular day trips to the sea as well as longer holidays. I was never a sun-seeking type - I burn rather than tan - but loved a walk on the beach in the evening. I would drink in the atmosphere, the fresh air, the beautiful skies.
Now I live as far as it is possible to get from the sea in England. Too far for a day trip. So this painting was created to feel dreamy - high key, subtle changes of tone, no focal point other than the bright light of the sun. It's a little bit of the atmosphere I love for those moments when of wistfulness.

I'd love to know if any readers have a place they hanker for and can't reach and if they create a comforter like this.

By the way, this is painted on canvas in water mixable oils and measures 16" x 20".