Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quick and Simple Beaded Bracelet

I probably don't make bracelets as often as I should - it seems they take so much longer than pendants or earrings. This tutorial is for a very simple design that, as always, can be altered with different beads and clasps to create you own style.

1 x bar and loop clasp
10 x Swarovski 6mm round crystal beads (B)
4 x Swarovski Purple round crystal beads (C)
5 x Swarovski crystal 5mm bicones (D)
20 x 4mm marbled glass beads (A)
2 x 5mm metal rope  beads
2 x crimp beads
10" tiger tail.

Optional hand made silk flower.

Flat nosed or crimping pliers.

1. Thread a crimp bead and the T bar from the clasp onto the tiger tail. Thread the tail end back through the crimp bead.....

.... pull up the crimp bead to leave the loop small and neat and about half an inch of tiger tail after the crimp. Close the crimp bead firmly,

2. Thread on your beads, starting with one of the metal rope beads. I used the pattern
ABACABAD and repeated. When your bracelet is long enough (about 7.5 inches), follow an A bead with the other metal bead and the crimp bead.

3. Thread on the loop part of the clasp and thread the tiger tail back through the crimp bead and the metal bead. pull the tiger tail through until the loop is small and neat but not too tight. Close the crimp bead just a couple of millimetres above the last bead.

Trim any left over tiger tail to about half an inch and thread through a couple of beads to cover.

You could finish there, but I spotted a perfectly coloured silk flower I had yet to add a pin to as a brooch. I sewed it to the loop on the clasp ring and finished there.

Any left over beads? Why not make some earrings to match :)

Happy Crafting and I would love to see what you make :)

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