Sunday, 3 February 2013

Very Easy Earrings Tutorial.

This tutorial has been photographed making the pair of earrings opposite but is the basis for an endless set of designs - just choose your own beads and colours.

You will need

2 x Eyepins
2 x 10mm crystal heart pendants
8 x silver lined seed beads
4 x 4mm clear AB bicones
2 x lavender 6mm crystal cushion beads
2 x 5mm jump rings
2 x 7mm jump rings
2 x ear hooks.

Pair round nosed pliers, pair wire cutters ( or all in one tool )

1. Thread on to your eyepin 1 seed bead, 1 bicone, 1 seed bead, 1 cushion bead, 1 seed bead, one bicone. Don't thread your last seed bead yet :)

2. Take hold of the eyepin with the tip of your round nose pliers as close as you can to the last bead and bend it round the pliers to form a right angle bend. Now you can add the last seed bead.

3. Using the cutters, trim the length from the bend to 1cm. Now comes the only bit that takes a little practice. Using the round nose pliers, hold the very end of the eyepin so that the beaded part is pointing away from you and down. Hold the beaded part close to the bend and roll it towards you over the pliers until the bend meets the end of the pin. This forms a loop. It is worth trying this a few times on a spare pin till you get used to the position on your pliers you should perform the roll. Make the loop too small and the loop will be off centre, too large and it will not make a closed circle. Some people prefer to hold the eyepin still and roll their wrists with the pliers. It's up to you which is easiest :)

4. Open a 5mm jump ring and thread on the eyepin and an ear hook. Close the jump ring.

Lastly, open a 7mm jump ring, thread through your heart pendant, then thread on the eyepin. Close the ring and you are finished. If you are not sure about opening and closing jump rings, follow the tip in my shooting star earrings tutorial in the Tuesday Tutorial page.

Now you can make designs with different colours and different beads to suit any outfit, mood or occasion. Why not make up 3 eyepins for each hook. Or use a headpin instead of an eyepin if you don't want a pendant bead on the bottom.

Make the eyepin up without an ear hook and you have a great charm to add to cards with a brad.

Have fun and happy crafting :)


  1. What a great tutorial! I think I could do this! Thanks.

  2. How pretty! Thanks for tutorial!!

  3. Great tutorial - that end bit sounds a bit tricky - will have to practice!!

  4. Lovely earrings and great tutorial, need to get some practice in.

    Linda xxx

  5. Really beautiful earrings, love them
    Lindsay xx


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