Monday, 4 February 2013

Magical Spring

Today is incredibly windy here in Staffordshire, but no snow and the temperature is not too bad, although it is supposed to be colder tomorrow. However it always gets me to thinking of spring when there is even a hint of sunshine and longer days.
It's my favourite time of year. It seems so magical as tiny shoots push up out of the ground and burst into flower. Bright colours abound, leaves unfurl and the air is full of the twitter and song of tiny birds. Everything seems suddenly busy, the days longer, the nights less dark.

                                                                    Young leaves on Rhus

 Apple Blossom


It's a time when the light is fresh and beautiful and natures miracles are all around us. I can never resist getting my camera out even if it's only for a wander in the garden. All the pictures above were from my garden last year.

Water Lillies

A trip out to a local garden at Gregynog brings more treats later in the spring.

I am a long way from both my old garden and the places I used to visit, so this year I will have to discover new places to wander and photograph...... I can't wait :)


  1. Love the photo show and now you have me dreaming of Spring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful photo's and Spring is a fabulous time of year.

    Joan x


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