Monday, 16 February 2015

Relocating and Getting Married.

Dew on Red Rose in our garden
My blog is being ignored again.

But I am resolved to change that, even though life is going to get a little frantic in the forthcoming weeks.

Firstly, we are relocating - again!
It will be the third time in under 4 years but it should be the last for a while (famous last words) and opens up a host of new opportunities. The reason for my optimism is that we are moving to Sheffield where there seems to be a vibrant art and craft scene. I've already been looking at galleries in the area and have a couple in mind to approach.

Secondly, 20 years since I was divorced, I am getting married again. I always said I never would a second time, but I met the perfect person to share the rest of my life with and it just seems like the right thing.

And all this before the year moves into it's second half. Hopefully the latter part of the year will be less eventful :-)
( I'm crossing fingers and touching wood :-))

Of course, there will be quite a lot of crafting to do - jewellery, invites, buttonholes and even a little something for my granddaughter who will be just over a year old by then. Not to mention growing flowers for the bouquet.
I have lots of plans
but don't want to give too much away just yet :-)

Did you craft anything for your wedding? I'd love to hear about it.
Did you marry later in life or on a budget? Would love to hear your experiences as there is going to be quite a bit of that at our wedding ( you wouldn't believe how much my wedding dress has cost, but more of that later ;) )