Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Journey into Art and Craft e-commerce.

I am trying out a little experiment. I have an account with Artfinder to sell my artwork on line. I have now started a blog with e-commerce to see if it is possible to get sales on my own. The advantages of my own site are much lower costs and direct contact with the purchaser. A free wordpress blog and a plug in e -commerce solution are all that's needed to get started and payment can be done straight into your own bank account by bacs or through Paypal.

This is the link to what I have done so far Jan Gill Art

I am also writing a blog which will keep up to date with progress. In addition, I will be comparing sales versus cost for any exhibitions and craft fairs. I am hoping that other artists and crafters will share their experiences and help make this a valuable resource for all.

I'm looking forward to the journey and would love to hear from everyone.
Please feel free to comment :-)