Friday, 15 February 2013

Beaded wrap bracelet.

These bracelets are very popular and quite easy to make. They can be dressed up or down depending on the beads and materials you use. Here I've made a unisex one with dark purple cotton and spider's web agate gemstones. You could completely change the look by using faceted crystals and white leather or even make a child's one with scoubies and acrylic beads.

I have tried other published methods of making these but find that the beads drift apart after wearing for a while. I have developed this method so that the beads stay together :)

I have used a slightly paler nymo thread than I would usually use so that you can see the way the bracelet is made more clearly.

You will need

24 inches 2mm cord or leather lace.
Nymo beading thread to match your cord 20ft
30 6mm beads. Recommend faceted beads for a first attempt at this.
2 x 8mm or larger beads for the fasten.

2 x beading needles, clip board or large safety pin or bulldog clip.

1. Take piece of nymo 6ft long and thread a beading needle onto each end. Thread on a bead and move it to the centre of the thread. Take a second bead and thread one needle through from one side of the bead  ....

......and the other needle through from the other.

Move the bead down by pulling gently in the threads till it sits right next to the last one. These are shown loose so you can see where the threads are going.

2, Thread on beads until the column measures 1.5 inches less than the length of bracelet you want. Bring the two threads together and tie off in a reef knot. Thread the ends back through the last bead and trim.

3. Fold the 2mm cord in half and tie an overhand knot half an inch from the end. This makes a loop. Make sure your larger bead can just push through. Ease the position until the fit is snug, then pull tight. Thread the rest of the nymo onto a beading needle, move the needle to the middle and tie a knot in both ends together, so the thread is double. Sew the thread through the knot coming out between the two cords. Wrap the nymo a couple of times round the top of each thread to secure. You are now ready to wrap in your bead column.

4. Secure the loop on a safety pin or clip board so your hands can be free to wrap

5. Take the nymo thread under the right hand cord. Bring it over the top of the cord, through the first bead and under the left hand cord .......

....bring it back over the left hand cord, through the same bead and under the right hand cord. Continue this weaving pattern until all the beads have been included.

6. Bring the cords together, wrapping the nymo around each strand in turn twice, then both together twice. Separate the nymo strands, bringing one thruogh the gap in the cords and tie off with a reef knot. Thread the ends back through the wrapping and trim.

7. Add one large bead to each cord end and tie an overhand knot to secure. You can tie these knots at different lengths to make the bracelet adjustable.

There are lots of design possibilities here with different sizes, colours and shapes of bead, as well as different threads and wrapping patterns.
If you give this one a try, I would love to see what you do. Happy Crafting :)


  1. That's an interesting technique. I used to do a lot of beading, but don't any more. However, my niece enjoys it so I will pass these instructions along to her.

  2. Oh this is a gorgeous bracelet Janice...and another fab tutorial hun.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  3. Really pretty and a fab tutorial thanks for sharing
    Lindsay xx

  4. Great tutorial and lovely bracelet :-) Sorry for the late visit, been too poorly to hop but catching up now :-) Have a fab weekend! Elaine-xxx-

  5. Your tutorial is really comprehensive and easy to follow - great project - thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello, Fabulous braceklt and a great tutorial. Lisa :)

  7. Great project and brilliant tutorial - thanks for sharing. Helen x

  8. Wow what a gorgeous bracelet,great

  9. Another fabulous bracelet and tutorial - thank you x

  10. Fabulous bracelet and great tutorial, thank you for sharing.

    Joan x


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