Monday, 15 April 2013

Vintage Sewing Kit

Hello all,

Hope you had a great weekend and for those like me, in the UK, enjoying the gradually warming weather.

This Sewing kit was a free gift on the front of Homestyle Sewing. It included all the fabric, wadding, felt and tape plus some pins, needles and buttons. I've added some needles and the scissors. I was pleased with the finished result but the instructions were not so good. The fabric provided wasn't big enough to follow the dimensions given, so I had to reduce the size to fit. There is the opportunity for a little embellishment to make it your own, but I quite liked the emphasis on the different pretty prints. The magazine was quite expensive at £7.99 but I think the kit makes it worth the price. I'll be looking out for the next issue eagerly.
There are a couple of other nice patterns and projects although IMHO the templates could have been done better. The leg holes on the nappy covers for instance don't match and I have no idea what the diagram relating to the sewing kit means at all.
I love all things owly, so it was nice to see a couple of little projects with that motif on them. Also, you can't have too many bags, and the projects have given me some ideas for one based on theirs.

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Happy Crafting as always,

Janice x


  1. Nice needlecase - I enjoy sewing myself but don't make enough time for it!

  2. You have reminded me that when my aunt died I was eager to take one of her unfinished quilts - she was amazing - and finish and I never have - kick up my bum to go and get it done. I used to sew and knit a lot, but it seems that life just got in the way. Lovely reminder thank you

  3. It looks like a nice little kit, beautifully made up. I do like the variety of things you show us from day to day.


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