Monday, 15 April 2013

And the Rain comes Pouring Down

They say it never rains but it pours and that has certainly been the case over the last week.

On Thursday last, my faithful old car decided it had run it's last mile and refused to start. A visit to the garage revealed there is a problem with the bit of computer brain that runs the diesel injection system. Unfortunately the car is so old the part isn't made any more except as part of the whole fuel pump which costs three times the value of the car and then some more to remove the old one and fit a new one. The only option is to find a reconditioned unit. Therein lies the problem. Apparently there are at least 5 different versions so we need a part number for the version we have. The garage can't find it. We have a part dissembled car and a whole load of places to go.

Yesterday we had tickets to see Meat Loaf in concert. We just had to get there - it's his Farewell tour. Public transport was no use as the last train back was 9pm and the last bus 7pm. The concert didn't even start till 8pm. We managed to move heaven and earth and call on a friend to borrow her car. It was exciting to see people starting to arrive as we did at the Capitol Arena in Nottingham. People of all ages mostly dressed in denim and leather. There was a real buzz in the air. Then devastation, with just an hour to go before he was due on stage, the concert was cancelled because of ill health. Our tickets would be valid for a rescheduled date in May. To add insult to injury, that's in the week we have booked our holiday!

Today there was some hope on the car front. We had found a supplier of reconditioned units. A large number of phone calls later and hopes were quashed as the particular unit on our car couldn't be verified. We may have one last ditch attempt to get the number following a suggestion on a forum. It makes it almost impossible to have the car ready for when we next need it though, which is Thursday. My OH has to go to hospital for an operation. The hospital is 75 miles away and unreachable by public transport.

We will have to wait until tomorrow to see how things go, but I think I may have to make a very quick decision on getting another car.

I'm hoping for a drier next couple of days :)

Janice x

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  1. I'm sorry to hear of the very trying time you've had lately. Let's hope things improve for you quickly and you get your car sorted.


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