Friday, 12 April 2013

Don't look back in Anger

Yesterday was not a good day.

First thing in the morning the car refused to start. It's a very old Vauxhall vectra and has done lots of miles for me with no trouble. But the timing of the breakdown is just not good. Firstly we have tickets to see Meatloaf on Sunday and secondly OH needs to get to hospital at the end of the week - 75 miles away!

Next, I got a message saying that a set of pendants had not arrived with a bride to be. They were for her bridesmaids and posted over a week ago. I am mortified that they haven't arrived for her wedding today :(

I found it really hard to do anything constructive with the rest of the day.

Today I'm going to bring back some positivity by looking at how far I've come on this journey in blogland.

Start at the beginning of this year and my blog was just a handful of pages over 2 years . It had been ignored for an age and had 4 or 5 visitors a month. I scrapped everything I had done except one page which shows how to make a photographic light box for next to nothing.

In January the Ultimate Blog Challenge seemed like a great way to get back to blogging on a regular basis. 31 blogs later and I have a bit of a following and about 20 page views a day. Little acorns .....

February saw the start of a regular feature - Tutorial Tuesday. It's not always on a Tuesday, life doesn't seem  to want to run to my programme :). Now up to about 30 views a day.

March came along and Craftfest with it. Loads of social media tasks meant I was really busy blogging, tweeting, pinning etc. I learned such a lot and by the end of the month my views were up to about 80 a day.

This month and a new project unfolds. A regular feature reviewing craft kits, which will be shown both here and soon, in an online magazine.

My following is gradually increasing and is getting closer to the point where the Give Away can take place. Why not pop along and have a look at what you might choose if your name was the one out of the hat?
Jangill Jewellery

Have you looked back and appreciated how far you have come? Sometimes it is easy to forget how much you have done :)

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this blog and especially to those who keep me going by leaving a comment.

Janice x


  1. You've worked hard to build up a following and I love the fact that you've started reviewing kits and giving photographic tutorials to interesting projects.

  2. well congrats on getting through the day and its always good to look back and see how far you0've come x

  3. "Little acorns" - cute way to look at progress.

    Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Challenge group.

  4. This is a great reminder, Janice. Every grand project has to start with little beginnings. Blessings to you and your blog!


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