Friday, 4 January 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Many of us make New Year resolutions and quite often I have done so myself. I usually forget about them or fail in some way, maybe I set too tough a goal or maybe life just gets in the way! The resolutions I've made have been all kinds like losing weight or making more of my skills or responding to mail straight away. 
This year I have resolved to keep my blog going by writing something at least once a week and reading and commenting on another person's blog at the same time. 
It sounds easy and once it becomes a habit, I'm sure it will be. To get in the habit I've joined a group (Ultimate Blog Challenge) where the aim is to blog every day for a month. I didn't join till yesterday so missed the first couple of days. I will try and post extra to catch up with that. 

I saw a post and shared it on facebook the other day which if you are a Star Trek next generation fan you will understand. It said.... don't just wish for a great 2013.... make it so! I hope we can all "make it so" :)

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