Thursday, 10 January 2013

Geeky is the new Sexy!

It doesn't happen very often as I always seem to have something to do while getting my business off the ground, but I planned a day out and away from everything to do with my normal schedule. 
I also got my eldest daughter in on the act and went to visit her in Stoke on Trent. 

After munching my way through too many of the Bounty miniatures in her chocolate box ( she and her hubby don't like them so I was just helping out..... honest :) ) we decided a craft based shopping trip was in order. 
I needed some bright yellow paint and Hanley is home to one of my favourite shops, Webberley's. It's a book shop downstairs and an art and craft shop upstairs. If you are in the area it is definitely worth a look. I managed to pick up a great wallet with 10 Daler Rowney paint brushes in for less than the cost of 2 individual brushes. I get through a lot of brushes!
We then moved on to another favourite shop Abakhan. It sells craft materials, wools and fabrics. Many of the fabrics are from it's own mill and are at knock down prices. 
Now this is where I get a bit geeky.
I am an avid Science fiction fan as is my wonderful Fiance. We are going to a fancy dress party as a social night with the Motorbike club to which we both belong. The theme is uniform - but not the uniform we would usually wear to work. We decided on the uniform for Star trek :). We had all but given up on the idea though as the uniforms to buy as fancy dress are really expensive. In Abakhan however, I found enough red and black fabrics to make both our outfits for less than £9. Bargain!
And I do love a bargain :)
Now to find a pattern and a Comms badge ..... guess I will be having a couple more days off....


  1. I love finding bargains too! Your finds are only exceeded by discoveries at a yard sale (or as you Brits call them, "jumble sales," I believe). There's nothing geeky about saving money!

    1. Yes, we have jumble sales and garage sales. My favourite is the charity shop ( thrift store ) though :)

  2. Haha, I've NEVER understood the Star Trek thing. My mom and brothers are both trekkies, and my husband too enjoys a good episode of TNG, but not me! :) Saying that, I have been thinking of making a Star Trek costume for my baby, because, you know, babies are cute in anything. So if you find that pattern, share it! :D And share your finished product too!

  3. Will share Lori, and thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated :)

  4. Okay, you must provide pictures of the uniforms when they are complete. Love that you chose Star Trek. :D

    1. Must admit to being a bit of a Star Trek junkie, watched it since I was a kid :)

  5. No shame in Trek fandom; I've been a fan all my life. ;-) Good luck with your costumes, and enjoy the party.

  6. Look forward to seeing the Trekkie uniforms - Live long and prosper!
    Am now following


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