Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Get the right Colour

Today I have been uploading more work to Artfinder for which, of course, I have to take reasonably accurate photos. Usually I use my own camera and take a set of shots with different exposures choosing the one which made the whites in the picture look white. Today I used a camera that wasn't set up for bracketed shots and thought I could get away with it. The picture below shows I couldn't.   As you can see, the mount looks grey. In actual fact it was ivory. The camera's white balance was fooled as it read it as a mid tone. In fact it was even worse than this as I had added brightness in my photo editor.
A good way to solve this problem is to photograph against a mid toned background and then crop to your image, This also gives a good margin if you are slightly out setting up your camera and need to straighten before cropping. More on that in another post.
Have fun, keep creating :-)

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