Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Abstract Seascape

This seascape is one of my latest paintings. It measures 36" x 24" and is in oils on canvas. It is painted over a textured layer which picked up the white paint applied with a pallette knife. This was a joy to paint. If you think you can't paint, this type of work is worth a try.

Here are a few tips for early success .

1. Abstract painting isn't "of" anything. You don't need to include recognisable shapes or forms. 

2. Limit the colours you use. Here I have used 2 blues and violet full srength and with very little mixing. There is also quite a lot of white :-)

3. Start with colours you have a feel for and go with how the colours make you feel.

4. Let your brushes do the work, let go with your head and paint with your heart. Sometimes playing music can help.

5. Enjoy the process. If it doesn't work, let it dry and start right over the top.

Happy Creating :-)


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