Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Inspiration and Ideas

It's day 5 at Craftfest and the site is buzzing. There has been a huge number of visitors looking at a vast collection of work.
Most of my readers will be crafts people themselves, maybe just starting or maybe crafting for many years. We all get a little isolated at times or stuck for inspiration. Craftfest has been an eye opener for me in that respect. In the world of Art, great masters stood on the shoulders of other great masters as painting progressed through the centuries. In the same way we shouldn't be afraid to take inspiration from fellow crafters - not copying of course but weaving something into our own work which gave us pleasure in another's.

This is the work of Joy at Beaded Bazaar. It is totally different from my own jewellery. I love the fun she injects into her pieces and somewhere in my crafting I want to emulate that feeling too.
Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

She also works tirelessly to promote everyone on Craftfest - if she gets as good as she gives she will have a great response :)

Summer Wall Hanging kit £14.95This particular stall Perfect Patchwork on Craftfest also inspired me. I took one look at this craft kit and thought of loads of directions I wanted my Blog to go in. More than just wanting the kit because of those awesome colours (regulars will know my love of Purples especially combined with blue and green :) ) I thought it would be great to do a regular feature testing out craft kits - how comprehensive are the instructions, material quality, enough materials provided, skill level required etc. What do you guys think? Is it something you would like to read about? Does anyone do this already? Are there any small businesses out there who would like the exposure or their kits tested out?

I'm off to see if the bank balance can stand a little more investment - all in a good cause of course :)

Happy Crafting everyone,

Janice x


  1. Hi Janice,
    Lovely blog. We'd be happy to publish your reviews in our magazines if you are interested.

    Creative Crafting Magazine

    Email me at

  2. My daughter says she constantly hears me saying "I could make one of those" whenever I see anything pretty! inspiration is all around us and I think the more you craft, the more creative you become. Long may it continue!


    Personal Space Interiors

  3. A great Blog again Janice - I've tweeted it today.


  4. Another great Blog - off to go and RT it!


  5. I like the inspirations you've drawn form the others Janice - it'd be interesting to read kit reviews.


  6. Thank you for including my jewellery Janice, I'm really flattered.
    Another brilliant blog post, I love the way you write - I'm off to share it now!
    Many thanks to you again

  7. Brilliant! I love your blog, Janice.
    I have tweeted and shared on FB and Google.


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