Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Adorable Penguin Trio

This picture is a coloured pencil drawing I did a few days ago. I think with a little adjustment it would make a great basis for some handmade Christmas cards. I don't generally think of Christmas till November after my daughter's birthday but usually end up finishing making cards and gifts on Christmas eve. Well, alright, Boxing Day when I visit relatives. So I'm starting early - for me that is :-).
There was a time I would be making Christmas cards all summer, but that was when I was demonstrating paper craft products. I also used to make them to sell but find that too time consuming these days.
I digress. Back to the picture, I think a little bit of glitter and maybe a snowflake frame would make this just right for the season.

What do you think? Does this get your creative juices flowing?

Happy Crafting


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