Monday, 28 April 2014

Across the Bay

This is a painting I completed yesterday. It is a view across the bay to Barmouth. I am fascinated by dramatic skies so wanted to keep that as the main focus of the work, subduing the landscape to the minimum of detail.
The sky itself was painted wet in wet with just indigo and alizarin crimson with the light gap in the clouds lifted out with scrunched up kitchen paper to give soft nebulous edges. A second lifting gave harder edges for contrast.
The mountains and town become one except for the tiny lights along the water’s edge. These highlights were scraped out gently with a scalpel blade and dotted in with cadmium yellow.

Sky studies are a great way to loosen up with watercolour painting. Add a little landscape detail at the bottom and they make great sketches to give as art cards J


  1. Wow, I love your painting. I do love trying to paint in water colour as it's a great medium, but sadly I'm never going to be a great artist.

  2. Simply stunning, I love the different colours in the sky.

  3. This is stunning Janice, loving the colours and scene.
    Linda xxx

  4. Stunning painting of the sky. You are very tallented.

  5. Wow Janice that's amazing, I did a watercolour class a few years ago, was great but still can't do it, still have that 5 year old mentality to colouring, not scribbling, just adding too much colour not enough water lol I keep trying it with Tim Holtz distress but just can't get it. The Sky looks amazing, I love looking at the sky when it's all different colours, people watching me must think i'm on drugs lol :) x


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